(English) Interactive reading


(English) What if every time you saw a story you love, you became smarter? What if discovering lives of your favorite characters made your own life better? What if… Stop! It sounds way too good already, doesn’t it?

Interactive reading makes it possible.

It’s a new approach to entertainment and education that combines the joy of watching a great story with a game that transforms your brain.

Humans are pretty bad at processing information. A famous study by Lazarsfeld shows that on average people are able to process only 20% of the information they receive — be it a smalltalk with friends or an important business meeting. Have you noticed how sometimes you’re reading, and then suddenly realize that your thoughts were somewhere else for the last couple of paragraphs? In life, that happens too. And much more subtly. Every day we’re missing out 80% of what’s going on and don’t even notice that.

Interactive reading gives you a chance to get a grip on that 80%. It teaches you how to control your brain, how to be a better listener and get more out of each day. Get more out of every business opportunity, every relationship and every story. Let the thrill of discovering a masterpiece become even more thrilling.

How does it work?

Every week you’ll be getting an excerpt from the novel Two Words of Cambridge with two videos.
One of Franz Wertvollen, the genius behind the book, reenacting the scenes, bringing the characters to life, letting you hear them talk and see their expressions. It’s both your entertainment and your learning tool. You’ll be transported into 1930s to indulge in lavish and seductive lives of the most scandalous Cambridge students, be bemused by their sharp dialogues and witness the scenes so genuine and intense you’ll feel like your heart is about to stop. While watching you’ll notice tips appearing on the screen, allowing you to experience the story better, visualize everything you hear and catch the details that you would normally miss. Gradually these tips will turn into your own instincts. Interactive reading re-wires your brain to intuitively use the same tools in life in every of your conversations and interactions with the world. You become much more focused and present, hence more powerful. Through F.W.W you’ll discover that improving yourself is the best entertainment possible.

In the second video I, Sofia, your guide through the universe of Bagatelle, will explain everything what happened in the previous episode and help you find answers to your questions. Sometimes it’s hard to understand why heroes behave the way they do. Same goes for people in general. The second video gives you insight into the minds of the characters and also the mind of your own.
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Let us have fun,

Sofia Sternberg