Two Words on Cambridge



England, 1932.

Love. Romance. Uncensored humor.  Irish Gangsters.

Meet Jessie.

«The man is a fucking genius.
He is The Musician.
He doesn’t play music, he voices the Universe. 
He voices things I knew, and saw, and heard.”
— Franz on Jessie
From the very birth Jessie didn’t enjoy the company of humans much. He believed in Nietzsche’s «if you open your arms to people, they will crucify you”. So he chose to stay aside and lose himself in music.
Until one time he spends a night in jail with Franz.

Meet Franz.

Franz is an heir of an influential clan in Austria, but from an early age he felt — one can’t hide behind the money. To be free from anxieties and sincerely happy, you need to get a grip on the world.

And even though he’s not enchanted with the world, unlike Jessie, he’s not afraid to take charge and change the reality, the people, the time.

«I can’t see how you can live without delight. 
Without enjoyment you’re truly just a useless burden.”

Meet Alice.

The heiress of a wealthy and influential Cavendish family.

She goes for the absolute. By youth or by character she doesn’t settle for the mediocre. She’s not trying any excuses instead of the hard work to get what she wants. And she wants a genius for herself.

«The original sin is choosing doubts and fears over the Serpent or God. 
The original sin is choosing Adam.”

Meet Colin.

Colin the Butcher. An extremely powerful Irish Gangster. Born in a destitute village, he decided to build an empire. ‘Cause why the fok not?
 “Life gives you no warrant. Hell should not give fright.»


Now that you’ve met them, you’re ready to dive into the universe of Bagatelle.

Open the book, sit back and enjoy.


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